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Selected less academic writing

Date Link
2021, May 21 Mozambique’s difficult decade: three lessons to inform next steps
2021, Mar 02 Infrastructure spend: insights from the effect of a bridge across the Zambezi on maize prices
2020, Jul 27 Beyond lockdown: rebuilding the social contract
2020, Apr 20 The five criteria low income countries must have in place for lockdowns to work
2020, Apr Is Mozambique prepared for a lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic?
2019, Oct 23 Nobel prize in economics: experiments are no substitute for diagnosis
2019, Aug 19 Mozambique case study shows that poverty is about much more than income
2019, Jun The vital role of aid in development
2017, Nov Has the quality of Mozambique’s education been sacrificed at the altar of access?
2016, May 24 Growth is not enough for Mozambique’s informal workers
2016, May 12 How Mozambique can contain its debt crisis and avoid long-term damage
2016, Apr 07 How Mozambique can avoid stepping into the abyss
2016, Feb 03 Development aid works over time, but must adapt to 21st-century needs
2015, Dec 30 Many East African kids attend school – but not enough are actually learning
2015, Dec Building on success in development aid
2008, Feb 28 Afrika - den nye finansielle frontløber